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Image for Humans Vs Zerg
Humans Vs Zerg

A game where players can build bases and units to attack and conquer their opponent. Different entities have different build costs and each race has different set of units. There are different areas where resources can be mined. In this game, players are provided with different starting resources which include minerals, gas and maximal supply (how many units can the player have). Also, combat is provided through the use of attack (melee or ranged) and defence mechanisms. The game has a variety of traversable terrain. The game map is limited by water terrain which is not traversable.

Image for Salted Fish
Salted Fish

Two players start with a main building and a farmer. Famers could build(barracks, ranges, and stables), mine(golds and woods),and attack. Barracks could generate soliders, which could do melee attack. Ranges could generate bowmans,which could do range attack. Stables could generate cavalry, which could do melee attack. The victory condition is destory enemy's main building.

Image for MELP

A PvP game where the objective of the game is to collect 100 fuel before your opponent. Each player can build a variety of units and buildings. Defensive towers are placed on the map and provide a bonus to units that land on them

Image for Terrorize

A 2 player hex based territory management game where each player claims as much territory as possible before the end of the game.Each player spawns with a main base and a builder. The builder is used to construct towers which connect to each other to form territory. The main base can construct additional builders and soldiers. The soldiers are used for combat to defend or gain more territory. Resource nodes are spread out around the map, having these nodes inside the territory will increase the amount of resources gained per turn.Resources are used to construct towers, builders and soldiers.

Image for Misunderstanding in Space
Misunderstanding in Space

Using the hexagon-grid based engine, we attempted to create two games with different play styles. The first one is called “Spaceships” and it is a competitive game between two players (where one player might be played by an AI) in which two space factions fight for control, with the ulterior objective to destroy the enemy’s base (or “mothership”). The motherships cannot move or attack but can build spaceships, one at each turn. There are space debris scattered around the maps which must be destroyed in order to open a line of fire to the enemy units. Each spaceship has a health parameter, as well as the debris and the motherships. If you have a spaceship, you can use your turn to either move, according to the move range (movement) of each spaceship, attack according to the attackRange parameter and ranged damage parameter (atkRanged)or fuse your spaceship with another friendly spaceship, if the two ships are located in two touching hexagons, to create one stronger ship.

Image for Civ style game
Civ style game

Basic civ style game where you start with a small base and build unit production buildings in order to make an army to conquer the enemy. Resources can be mined from special locations on the map. Win by removing all of the enemy units. Combat is either ranged, or melee with counter attack mechanics. Terrain provides bottlenecks in the map as units cannot travel over water.